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Undo And Restore

Bible Scripture ► Proverbs 10 † Proverbs 12

Computers, though very helpful and valuable tools, can be a real headache. You can work for hours on a project, then make a wrong keystroke, and poof—your work has vanished.

In spite of such faults, computers have some very useful feathers. One of them is the “Undo” command. Make a mistake then hit Undo—all is well again.

Another feather some computers have is “Restore to Previous Date.” You use this emergency procedure when your computer gets really messed up and not sure how to correct what went wrong.

How often do we make an embarrassing blunder or speak an unkind word in a thoughtless moment? How quickly we would reverse the blunders, take back the unkind remarks, and erase the pain if we could click Undo on our tongue, then all would be restored.

The most powerful and strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. For a small muscle, it can do a lot of damage. When we are controlled by the Holy Spirit, our tongues can be turned to great good. The tongue of the wise brings healing. We should guard each word we say to reflect love.

We can’t undo past wrongs, but we can repent and be forgiven. We pass this way but once. A pattern of wrong choices adds up to a misspent life. A commitment to choosing God every day yields fruit unto life eternal. We can know God through Jesus Christ and experience true freedom.

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