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🙏 Praying For You

It is only through prayer and the study of God's Word that we can live life accepting His grace to us and demonstrating His grace to others. The more time we spend in prayer communicating with Him, the more we can develop a heart that reflects His grace.

Prayer takes the focus away from you, away from your circumstances, away from your troubles, and places it on God who can work miracles. One of those miracles is a peace that surpasses all comprehension.

Our prayer is that you will experience the genuine grace of God in your life and find delight in demonstrating His grace to others.

We are praying for you while you journey through this difficult time in life.

We are praying that you find God's peace, comfort, and hope in the days ahead.

Be strengthened by knowing that we are praying for you. You are being upheld in our thoughts and supported with our prayers. May by knowing this give you strength to face the now.

Daily we lay our requests in prayer at Jesus' feet. Daily our thoughts of you are lifted to heaven.

In trust, we turn to God in prayer. In confidence, we wait for God's answer. By faith, we know that He will do whatever is best.

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