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❤ Jesus ❤

Bible Scripture ► Romans 8

When I walked into the church, a young child said: “Is that Jesus?” The pastor of a church should be a lot like Jesus. Being like Jesus should be the purpose of life for those who are called to follow Him. It is the all-consuming goal of our past, present, and future.

Being like Jesus is not about keeping the rules, going to church, and tithing. It’s about knowing His forgiveness while committing acts of grace and mercy on a consistent basis. It’s about living a life that values all people. It’s about having a heart of full surrender to the will of our Father.

We as Christians should be like Jesus. We are saved by grace and created for good works. We were given new life in Christ. God wants to recreate us inside so that we might live differently on the outside. Live in such a way that others see Jesus in you.

Take a minute to think about this question. What is Jesus doing in heaven today as He awaits His return?

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